2017 Lumberman of the Year

Good morning BCWLA members, associate members and industry friends.

The BCWLA is pleased to announce that REG FOOT,  of Carrier Lumber, - the man who cannot stop smiling - even as he turns down your ridiculous offers - is our 2017 Lumberman of the Year!

We are eagerly anticipating an evening of industry revelry, good spirited fun, and first class food and beverages.


                                  RECEPTION & DINNER FOLLOWED BY THE ROAST

                                  TERMINAL CITY CLUB, VANCOUVER, B.C.

Registration forms will be sent out towards the end of April, 2017. All registration forms will be due by 11:00 AM the following business day.


Vince Bulic,

President, BCWLA


BCWLA donates to Community Assistance Program / Coat Drive

At the Northview BCWLA golf function, we presented John Bennett of Livingstone with a donation to the Community Assistance Program and it runs Coat Drive, a community food program, and children's programs..  Immediately following the event John got busy and put the money to great use.  It is a rare case these days to contribute to a charity that has zero overhead with 100% of the donated funds going directly to a donated cause.  This is one of those instances where the money was used to go towards school supplies for children.