About Us

The British Columbia Wholesale Lumber Association, with roots reaching back to 1946, is a Society incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, whose mission is to represent the interests of lumber wholesalers in British Columbia and to promote high standards of business conduct and integrity in the lumber wholesaling industry.

The BCWLA exists to foster, maintain and develop communication and co-operation among lumber wholesalers and other branches and levels of the lumber industry, to governments, governmental agencies and to the public generally in the Province of British Columbia and elsewhere.


BCWLA member companies can source, access, supply and deliver any forest product anywhere in a timely, professional, highly competitive, and cost effective manner. Its member companies distribute forest products through out the world with combined sales currently exceeding $2 Billion annually.


The BCWLA also fosters fellowship in the forest industry. Three highly acclaimed programs, in addition to educational seminars, include its famous Lumberman of The Year Roast every June, its spectacular Golf Tournament every August, and its highly acclaimed Smoker every December.


The member companies of the BCWLA, individually and collectively, are true wholesale distributors of only the finest products available and are able to serve your every forest products need. If one member can't fill your particular enquiry, they'll refer you to another member who can. Browse this site for a complete list of BCWLA members and let any one of them serve your needs.






Business Office (ALL INQUIRIES)

BC Wholesale Lumber Association

c/0 Skana Forest Products

1303 - 20800 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC   V6V 2W3

604.273.5441  kent@skana.com

attn: Kent Beveridge - President BCWLA


Socitety Number:  S-0049349

Business Number:  83121 9548 BC0001



Registered Office

C/O   Carlos M. Bernardino,  Barrister & Solicitor,

1507 – 4330 Kingsway,

Burnaby, BC   Canada   V5H 4G7